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edit time!

I received the edits for Kissing Sin and Tempting Evil today. There’s more edits than I’d hoped for, but not as much as I’d feared! 😀 Most of it is basically nitpicky stuff, though there was confirmation that I had some problems with Kissing Sin–it’s always been the weakest of the three (in that it hasn’t got quite the same level as action as the other two–but by no means is it slow!). So, now I have to sit here and work on ways of beefing it up a little. The good thing about editors is that they feed you ideas that let your muse take flight. Until Anne clarified what she thought were the problems, and where/what I needed to amp up, I knew there was a problem, but wasn’t sure how to go about fixing it. That’s the problem with being too close to a story–you can’t see the wood through the trees!

Writing wise, I’ve paddled along and written another 6 pages of the Loch Ness book. I’m really loving writing this one (not that I don’t love writing Riley–it’s just that I’ve been writing her for two years now, so it’s nice to play with new people). I’m hoping to keep writing this one every day, even with the edits having come in. I’m on such a roll with it that I’d hate to break the flow. A couple of pages a day, after 6 hours of edits, might just be the break the muse needs to refresh herself 🙂

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