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editing and RT...

well, I’ve only just started editing Dangerous Games, and it’s going to be a long, slow journey. I’m actually changing a major plot line on this one, so that means going through every single line, looking for connections. I’ve been editing for two days now, and only have 40 pages done. I’m fully booked with family and friends stuff this weekend, so I very much doubt much more will get written before I head off to RT.

Speaking of RT–I’m just hoping I won’t be the only one sans costume for all the various balls, because I cannot get anything else in my suitcase. As it is, I’m carrying half my clothes in a carry-on, because my promo stuff and all the various gifts are taking up half the case. Not that I actually mind going without a costume, because I hate getting all dressed up. I just haven’t got the figure for it, and usually end up looking nothing more than stupid. And you know, the wierd thing is, I’m actually not excited about the trip at the moment–I think I’m too busy worrying if I’ve packed everything and not forgotten something, wondering if my suitcase will actually make it all the way over to Daytona or whether it’ll get lost in transit. And worrying about what I’d do if it did. I think the excitement will only hit once the plane trip is over (we’re in for 22 hours of flying all up–oh, the joy) and me and my case are safely united. But I am looking forward to catching up with everyone I’ve only ever chatted to via email–now, that should be a blast.

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