editing update...the end is near!

Well, Kissing Sin has been edited and checked and handed in. Yay! The weekend away provided enough of a break for the story to fade a little from my mind, and I found a number of minor mistakes in the final read-thru. I undoubtedly missed others, but nothing major, I think. I’m currently doing a read-thru check on Tempting Evil, and then that can be choofed off as well. With those two out of the way, I can finally get back to writing my Loch Ness book–though I’ll probably start editing the fourth Riley book as well, while the other two books are still fresh in my mind. Hopefully, I’ll catch a few of the goofs that are undoubtedly there. (and save Anne–my editor–some trouble for a change :)

In reading news, I’ve started Moon Called and I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. I saw over on Rachel’s blog that she’s started a list of books read this year. I thought this was a good idea, so I’m adding a list to my blog. Maybe it’ll encourage me to start finding a little more time to read again :)

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