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edits are bye-bye...

well, not quite, but all I have to do is a final read-through, then I can attach them to an email and send them off to my editor. As I said in an earlier post, there wasn’t anything major in this lot of edits–which is a huge relief, given Destiny and Embraced had more than their fair share. I didn’t want to go three bad books in a row. This time around it was more clarification stuff–you know, I’d written something but didn’t follow it through logically. Plus there was the usual spelling goofs. In one case, I switched spelling of the bad guys race mid-way through the book and hadn’t noticed. And yes, I did edit the damn thing before I sent it off. Several times, in fact. Just goes to prove, we authors are blind when it comes to our own work–thank heaven for tough editors. 🙂

There’s no other writing news, thanks to the fact the Darkest Kiss edits have been taking up all of my writing time. But I’ve still managed to keep some fun ‘online’ time to myself, and have set up a small Cafe Press site. It’s only a basic site at the moment, and there’s only two Riley designs available there, but if it proves to be popular, I’ll roll it over to a premium site so there’s more choices. (I actually want a large mug in both designs, so I may just take up the premium option anyway). I’m also in the process of shifting over my website to the new design. Justin from Stonecreek Media has come up with a wonderful template–it’s along the same lines as what I have now, but much, much fancier. It may take me a week or so to shift the content over, but I’ll let you all know when that happens. I’ll be shifting the blog, too, which not only means that this site will no longer be active, but my blog will finally fully match my site.

Back to writing tomorrow–yay!

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