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finally, a good writing day...

I was pretty slack when it came to writing on Friday (I had excuses–but I always do. lol)  so it was something of a relief that I more than made up for it yesterday. I finished writing the zombie scene, and swung back onto the plot line again, although the next scene was supposed to be a Quinn and Riley fight scene (as in, bickering again) but by the time I’d gotten to it, I realised that with everything they’d been through–both together and apart–it really didn’t back sense to have the same old arguments, so they backed away from that and talked like adults. Although the anger (on Quinn’s part) remains in the background, but we all know it’s due to fear of losing her 🙂

The copy edits for Destiny Kills arrived on Friday, so my writing may be curtailed over the next couple of days. They need to be done and back at Bantam by the 25th, so that doesn’t really leave me a whole lot of time. I’m going to try and get as much done as I can today, but my aim of getting Riley 7 finished by the end of Feb is looking pretty dodgy.

Riley 7 progress meter:


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