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further to previous rant....

A new review popped up on Amazon today, one bemoaning the lack of plot and the ‘terminally horny’ heroine (made me grin, that). Now, as I’ve said, I have no problem with the reviewer hating the book. My books aren’t for everyone, and I don’t pretend to believe otherwise. (hell, my hubby hates my books, and I still love him) What troubles me about this particular review is them saying they heard me on national radio, and that I was making the book sound like it was an ‘interesting science fiction’ plot. Now, I don’t know who this person heard, but it wasn’t me. I live in Australia, and to talk on any US radio stations I’d have had to have been up at some ungodly hour of the morning. Trust me, that hasn’t happened. In fact, the only radio station I’ve talked to at all in my forty odd years of life was a sports channel last year who yakked to me because I was a cook at the essendon football club. So, not me raving about the book on radio.

The problem is, of course, if it was supposedly me this reviewer heard on that radio station, then we have an imposter in our midst and I’d sure as hell like to know what is going on. So, if you happen to be out there “Random Access/MMyers46” could you either email me or post a comment, and let me know what station you heard the interview on? Please? Actually, if there’s anyone else out there who happened to hear this interview, could you please let me know when and where? Because if that person was pretending to be me, it needs to be followed up.

In other news, I’ve finished the edits of Tempting Evil, and have choofed that off to my editor, Anne. So I can now, officially, get back to writing the Loch Ness books. But not today. Today is my birthday, and I’m taking a break 😀

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