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I felt the need to run around and shoot things this weekend, so I got Pete to load up a new shoot-em-up on my computer. There’s a few he’s got that I haven’t played, mainly because I really haven’t had the time lately. But with Riley 6 handed in and a slightly more relaxed schedule ahead of me, I’ve finally have the chance. I love shoot-em-ups–but only the kind where you don’t have to think too hard. I hate the ones that throw up puzzles and make me think–games are my relaxation from the strain of writing (yeah….it’s an excuse, but hey, it sounds good 🙂 ). Duke Nukem was one of my favs, simply because it had a sense of humour, but the more recent ones like Soldier of Fortune, Unreal, Half Life and Far Cry feature good game play and great graphics. So, what did Pete load? A game charmingly called FEAR–and can I just say that the bloody thing is living up to its name? I’ve only reached the third level, and it’s already creeping me out. Pete reckons its not a game to play at night, and I think I’ll be heeding his warning. And that weird little kid who keeps popping up gives me chills…

When I wasn’t running around shooting things, I spent time watching DVD’s. The Magnificent Seven TV series, to be precise. I bought it mainly because it had Michael Biehn in it, and I just love that man. Luckily, it turns out that the series wasn’t all that bad–not fantastic, but very watchable. It also had Eric Close in it, who’s not too bad on the eye either 🙂

Between the game and the DVD, I did surprisingly get a little writing done–six pages, in all. The plot track that carries through this book and the next has began, and tonight someone walked into Riley’s life who she’s going to have a mighty hard time getting rid of. Does she want to? Oh yeah. Well, maybe.

And that’s about it for spoilers tonight.

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