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getting there ever so slowly...

I finally got around to updating my website, so you’ll find the UK covers up there now, as well as the first chapter excerpt for Kissing Sin. I’ll put the Tempting Evil excerpt up a bit closer to the release date.

I still haven’t finished my first newsletter, nor have I finished Embraced by Darkness, though in the case of the latter, I’m only ten or so pages off the end. Hopefully, I’ll get a chunk of that done tonight, and finish it off tomorrow. At least then it’ll be one more thing off my ‘to-do’ list!

House wise, there’s still boxes everywhere, but the house is gaining some semblance of order. Half my kitchen stuff is still in the garage, and the majority of my office files are sitting in boxes in front of my desk. As for the books…there’s boxes and boxes of them, and no where to put them. Not until we build some shelves, anyway. And we won’t even mention all that stuff that’s still in storage–we’re avoiding even thinking about that at the moment.

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