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Happy 2009 everyone!

2008 is a year I’m totally glad to see the back of, I can tell you. It’s been a tumultuous year for me personally, and that has fallen over into my writing–and is a major reason why I’m so far behind on this current book.I’ve discovered it’s very hard to concentrate on writing when the world around you is falling apart. But fate doesn’t always take you where you expect to go, and given that has been something of a theme in the Riley books, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when my own life does a sudden u-turn. All I can say is, thank God for the strong shoulders of friends and family.

But enough of that.

2009 has rolled around, and the time for new years resolutions has come and gone. Did you make any resolutions this year? I didn’t. Oh, I have in years past, and pretty much failed at all of them, so this year I refused to set myself up for failure (had enough of that last year!). Pretty much the only things I want to achieve this year–finish books, lose more weight, get on with my life–are things that I’m already on the way to achieving (the books are contracted and have to be done regardless, the weight loss is a life style change that is ongoing, and I’ve already booked myself two holidays, so the plan to get on with my life is underway!). What about you? Whatever you resolutions might be, here’s hoping you all achieve them, and that 2009 is a great one for you 🙂

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