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Happy (belated) Anniversary...!

nineteen years ago yesterday, I got married. Shame neither Pete nor I remembered that fact until his mum rang up to wish us a happy anniversary. Lol. We tend not to celebrate the day all that much, and not simply because we don’t remember the date. We’d been together ten years before we decided to ‘make it official’, and I tend to remember the day we became an ‘item’ more than the day we actually got married. And really, the only reason we did end up getting hitched was because we’d decided to have a child. (although making the decision to finally get married did at least stop people asking when the heck we were going to get married. That question gets tiresome after the first three or four years 🙂 )

Anyway, happy belated anniversay Pete! 🙂 Next year it’s the big 20 (or 30, depending on which date you’re counting)

On writing news, well, there’s still not a whole lot to report. I sent back the line edit queries for Embraced, and I’m still clawing my way through the rewrite of Destiny. I’m hoping to finish the first edit run-through by the end of this week, which would give me a week to go through all my editors comments–so not looking forward to that, because there’s a ton of them!

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