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Happy New Year, everyone!

Okay, so it’s actually 5 days past the New Year, but I’ve got an excuse–I’ve been writing. And when I haven’t been writing, I’ve been out in the garden clearing out the forest of weeds that have sprung up after all the rain (although we haven’t had the rainfall they’ve been getting in Queensland, the poor buggers.)

So what’s new for the New Year? Not a whole lot, actually. Nothing much has happened contract wise (NY basically shuts down over the holiday period, so I don’t expect anything to start happening until mid January). In the meantime, I’ve been working on not one, but two, uncontracted books. The first is, of course, the third book in the Dark Angels series (aka Risa 3), and the other has neither a name or a series title, but has been called either the secret project or the project in the various tweets I’ve done over the last few months. I actually realized just before Christmas that the reason this book was going so damn slow was that the world was just wrong–it wouldn’t sustain a series as it was. So, while its still set in a future Melbourne after a major war, this time, its not the humans who won, and the war did a whole lot of damage to the fabric between worlds. All of which is good fodder for a series, I think 🙂

In other news, Darkness Unbound (the first of the Dark Angels books) is now up on Amazon for pre-order, even though it doesn’t actually come out until Sept 27th. And of course, Mercy Burns can be pre-ordered as well, and at least its being released a whole lot sooner (April 19th)

Other than all that, nothing much is happening. But if you’re feeling generous, how about popping over to the flood relief appeal that’s been set up by the Queensland Government. Or you could try the RSPCA in Queensland–they’re collecting funds to buy pet and stock supplies in the flood affected areas.

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