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Hello blog, sorry I've abandoned you....

it’s sad but true–I’ve all but abandoned blogging because I’m actually over it. I think it’s happened because I really have nothing all that interesting to say anymore (although it is a debatable point whether I ever had anything interesting to say. lol). And it’s a whole lot easier these days to jump on twitter or facebook and ramble on for a line or two than have to come up with something that actually makes sense here on the blog. Which is why I’ve basically decided just to blog when I have something to blog about–which I now do. 🙂

Who Needs Enemies by Keri Arthur

As you may have noticed (if you happen to be either a facebook or twitter follower), I’ve just self-pubbed my first e-book. It’s something a little different for me–a paranormal mystery with a touch of humor and no sex. Yeah, I know, that’s pretty amazing for one of my books. lol. But it was a nice change of pace for me, and I hope to write more in the series (I have a couple of contracted books I need to finish first, though.) Anyways, the book is called Who Needs Enemies. The blurb can be found here and will be available in all formats (though at the time of posting this, it’s only available on Nook and Kindle. The others are taking more time) If you decide to download it, hope you enjoy it!

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