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hello from RT!

sorry I haven’t blogged before now, but the internet prices here at the hotel are through the roof. It’s actually the first time I’ve been in a hotel where the business centre isn’t free to guests. It’s a true rip-off, and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m suffering email withdrawal, I wouldn’t be blogging now.

But enough whining. RT is fabbo! Hotel whinges aside, that is. I mean, no fridges in the rooms–what is with that? We’ve resorted to using an ice bucket to keep our milk cold–thankfully, there’s a ice making machine down the end of the hall, and it is actually one of the few free things here. And I also had to go out to buy a kettle, because you just can’t make decent tea in a coffee perculator (all they have here). But the workshops have been brilliant, and the atmosphere is so relaxed. Not to mention the parties–some the costumes at the fairy ball last night were truly amazing. I’ve also met lots of familiar faces–some readers, some booksellers, some other authors.

I was on my first ever panel this morning, sitting along side Miriam Kriss (aka super agent), Jim Butcher (who is so funny), Jennifer Armitrou, Charlaine Harris, Margorie M Liu, Vicki Pettersson, and Jeri Smith Ready. As you can imagine, sitting with such talented people was a little daunting, but I think my accent pulled me through. Seems people love to hear me talk, just to hear it (which maybe meant they weren’t actually listening to what I said, and wouldn’t have known if I was making sense or not 🙂 ). It was a whole lot of fun though, and I’ll probably put my name down for some more panels next year.

The biggest buzz so far? Having people walking up to me in the halls and telling me they love my books. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of hearing that 🙂

We have the editor and agent panels this afternoon, which should be interesting, and the vampire ball tonight. I’m not dressing up–I’m intending to wear black, and I have this big silver bat necklace to wear. But I’ll take photos of everyone else (I already have some great pics)

Tomorrow we have the bookfair, which will be a buzz. Hundreds of authors, thousands of people. Amazing stuff.

Sunday is psychic time–they have a whole heap of psychics, tarot readers, faith healers, stuff like that. A casual day, in other words. Then on Monday I begin the long track home. So not looking forward to that. But hopefully they’ll have had some rain by the time I get there!

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