here's some pics...

from RT. There’s a couple of more over on my website, but as I mentioned before, my camera battery decided to crash 2 days into the event, so there’s not a whole lot this year. (though hopefully I’ll be ‘borrowing’ some from others. With permission, of course :) )

Miriam’s mob–from left to right:
Rachel Vincent, Miriam (standing), me, Jenna Black (standing) and Vicki Pettersson

Myself and the lovely Sunny

Myself and DN Simmons

In writing news, I’m working my (big) butt off trying to get the Destiny edits done, so nothing else is happening writing wise….Which reminds me. I have a ton of email sitting here waiting to be answered, but I’m not going anywhere near it until I finish this book. So, apologies if you’ve sent an email and I haven’t answered it yet, and advance apologies to anyone who might send an email sometime in the next two weeks!

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