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well, the RWAustralia conference was just brilliant. As much as I love the American conferences, they just don’t beat the aussie ones. I guess that’s partly because I just about know everyone at the aussie one, but also because it’s much, much smaller (230 compared to over 2000). It’s much easier to talk when there’s not so many women gasbagging! 🙂 Of course, my sunny opinion of the conference this year was probably helped by the fact that my room was upgraded at no cost, and I ended up with a one-bedroom suite! How cool is that? 🙂

Jenny Cruisie was a brilliant speaker–warm, funny and informative. Writers never stop learning, and Jenny certainly made me think about some of the stuff I do. Which is a good thing (despite what my brain might say at times… lol). Anne Stuart was also fab, and she and Cruisie made a fantastic double act. Sydney itself pulled out a brilliant weekend weather wise–it was so very nice to come up from Melbourne and temps that barely reached 10 degrees C into temps of over 20 and sunny blue skies. But I still love Melbourne–we have better restaurants and service. lol.

And despite all the fun that was had, I still managed to get some writing done. Woohoo!

here’s some pics 🙂

here’s the now-traditional shot of me and Mel. This was taken at the awards night on Saturday (where Mel won the Emerald with The Wolf Within)

fellow lulus–Chris on the left, Robyn on the right–in a very serious discussion

the drinks that started it all off….Freya (left) and Mel (right) taking pictures of the other lulu drinks

Mel, Robyn and the Emerald award at the awards night

another shot of Mel and the award

I’ll be putting more pics up on my website tonight or tomorrow 🙂

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