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you know, no one could ever accuse me of being a politically-minded person. Generally, politicians bore me, especially the Australian ones. And I’ve never particularly understood the American system, nor the campaigning that seems to go on forever. (two years? How can you stand it?). But I’ve been following the recent US elections with interest, firstly because I liked Hilary Clinton, and then because there was something about Barack Obama that made you believe he could achieve the impossible. Yesterday, he did just that. And his acceptence speech was a shining example of why this man romped home. He makes you believe him–makes you believe that things will be better–and in very many ways, he reminds me of another great president. JFK. Mind you, I also think McCain’s speech was both couragous and gracious, and I think if he’d run his campaign the way he made that final speech, things might have been a whole lot closer. But he didn’t, and it wasn’t, and I’d just like to add, congrats Barack Obama, and congrats America.

In other news, the writing is jogging along. It has to, because I need to get this book finished by the end of December and right now, I’m not even a third of the way through it. The plot hasn’t taken any major deviations yet, but then, it’s still early days. 🙂

Destiny Kills is out on store shelves, and I’m pleased to say its been getting great reviews. But there’s two questions I’m already getting asked–when is the next one coming out and does it pick up from where Destiny left off? The answers are, I don’t know, and no. Mercy Burns is finished, but it needs to be rewritten and probably won’t be handed in until the middle of next year. Which means it probably won’t be out until 2010. It’s a long wait between books, I’m afraid! And Mercy’s story is seperate from Trae’s and Destiny, but the threads left unanswered in Destiny Kills will hopefully get picked up in the third of the series (Fingers crossed that Bantam will want the third book).

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