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it was one of those weekends...

you know, the one where life says, nope, your mine, no writing for you, young woman (okay, so I’m not exactly young, but hey, I don’t think of myself as old, either. Even if I am getting there)

Friday I was running around checking out dog kennels (the dogs need to stay somewhere nice when we go away), buying birthday presents for my mum, and stocking up on food for the weekend. Saturday was mum’s birthday(Happy Birthday, Mum!), so mum, my sister and her family came over for lunch. Saturday night I yakked online with the Conflux folk, who were running a mini, online conference in the runup for their conference in September. Then yesterday was lulu day, and all the girls made the long track up to the country for a spot of critting and a lot of yakking. And cake. And chocolate…

So, all in all, it was quite busy. But I did manage to get a little writing done last night. I’d tabled my new short story for the lulus to crit, and with their comments still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d try and finish it. Which I did. So now I’ll let it sit until the next lulu session, let the girls see the end bit, then edit and choof it off to Miriam for an opinion. Hopefully, it’ll get accepted for the anthology (can’t tell you which one yet, because it may all fall in a hole)

and in other news…Aussie Idol is back. Yaaaayyyyyy! (and even better, Dicko is back as one of the judges–woot!) 🙂 They’ve got singer/songwriters in again this year, and, so far, it looks likes they’ve got some fab talent. Time, of course, will tell. I can’t wait!

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