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it's done...

well, I hope it is, anyway. I’ve finally sent Embraced by Darkness back to my editor, so keep your fingers crossed that this time, the changes all make sense and I don’t have to add anything else. I’m really over this story right now (and I really, really, want to write Riley 6. I have whole scenes replaying over in my head, and I need to get them down on paper!)

But that’s not going to happen just yet, because first I need to concentrate on Destiny. Hopefully the edits won’t take too long, because I’ve just got to add in — or rather, clarify — the magic of the world, where the hero comes from, stuff like that. Minor stuff, in the over scheme of things. Everyone who has read it so far said they’ve been too busy reading–needing to find out what happens–to see any major mistakes, so that at least means I’ve got the pacing and tension just about right. There will be tweaks, of course, but nothing major.

In other news, Kissing Sin is just about out (or, in the case of some bookstores, already out), so it’ll be exciting to see how that goes. I’m running a website contest to celebrate its release, so if you’re interested in a Bad Taste Dracula Bear, and some Aussie goodies, head on over to my site and enter.

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