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by the talented Lyn Taylor. I don’t often do these things, but hey, it beats writing / editing / copy editing right now (all of which I’ve spent the day alternating between.) So, without further ado, here’s six things you don’t know about me. Prepared to be bored…

1. I once had artistic leanings.  I loved sketching and drawing, and used to burn pictures into wood. I even sold a few at the Herald Sun Art Show here in Melbourne. Writing took over as the main love, though, and it’s probably just as well–I doubt I would have made a living as an artist.

2.  I can’t spell to save my life, and it’s gotten worse since I began writing using American spelling rather than Australian.

3. Don’t even talk to me about grammar….which is why I love my editor to death. She makes sense of the nonsense. (Though I have gotten better with every book)

4. I love horses, have owned about five or six of them over the years, and even at one stage bred a couple of Australian Riding Ponies.  I now go to my mate’s place if I need a horse fix–she breeds ponies, and is a Victorian Driving champion.

5. I’m one of the few people in this country who doesn’t play Tattslotto.  I prefer not to waste the money.

6. I’m extremely shy. Crowds terrify me, so if you see a pale, sweaty round person speaking in a strange accent at the next conference, that’s probably me. Wander up and talk to me–I’ll appreciate it, believe me!

So,  there you go. By the rules of the game, I’m now supposed to tag six other people and repost the rules, but I’m not into the game that much. But if Mel, Robyn, Rachel and Jenna want to join in, feel free 🙂

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