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It’s a bits and pieces sort of day today. I’ve got the second lot of edits back for Embraced (more problems–yikes!) so I thought I’d post about all the bits that have been happening (or are happening).

First off, I have the cover art for Embraced by Darkness and it’s great! Check this out:

I love the theme they have running through all the covers, and the colors they’ve used are just fantastic. The red in this one really stands out–and it’s a brighter red than the one they used for FMR.

Have you been over to the Scifi site yet? Bantam’s running a huge Riley Jenson Guardian series promotion over there , and you can enter sweepstakes (to win a book and a guardian T-Shirt) and fill in a character poll. The sweepstakes are only open until the 17th, so you haven’t much time left on that one!

Mania.com are also doing a giveaway–the prize being a copy of Full Moon Rising. That can be found by clicking here.

Jason Nahrung from The Courier Mail up in Brisbane did a great article on the rise of paranormal romance, and I’ve got several good mentions in it. You can check it out here.

I’ll have another website contest up and running soon, so look out for that one. The prize will be a Dracula Bad Taste Bear and Aussie goodies including a cap, a calendar and some chocolate.

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