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I love this bit of writing–the bit where the end is in sight and you know exactly what needs to happen. Of course, the only problem I have right now is that I’ve decided to set one of the major final scenes in the Werribee Mansion, and its been yonks since I’ve been anywhere near the place! So, I now need to go check the mansion out, just to make sure that it really is suitable–because Australia is not England, and there’s not many places that would actually have an old medieval type axe up on display. And why is an axe important, I hear you ask? Sorry, that’s something of a spoiler, so I really can’t say. hehehehehehe…

And of course, the mansion isn’t exactly going to come out of this scene in pristine condition, as it is the host of a major, major fight scene. Another reason for me to go check the place out–I need to get an idea of room sizes and contents 🙂

And because I am near the end and don’t want any interruptions, naturally I’m going to get copy edits landing on my doorstep. Or virtual doorstep, in this case, as we’re doing them electronically with this lot. This time it’s the edits for Beneath a Rising Moon, which Bantam have bought the paperback rights for and which will be coming out late next year sometime (exact date hasn’t yet been decided). Luckily, the edits aren’t actually needed back until late Nov, so I have a good chance of finishing the second Risa first.

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