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New Cover!

I finally remembered I have a blog! Which doesn’t mean I’ll be updating it more often, but I will promise to at least try 😀

Anyway, today’s news is I have a shiny new cover for Wraith’s Revenge, book 10 of the Lizzie Grace series. Isn’t she awesome?

Keri Arthur.A Lizzie Grace Novel.Wraiths Revenge pichi

For those who haven’t read it yet, here’s the blurb:

You can’t run from the past forever…

Lizzie Grace has finally returned to Canberra, the city where she grew up and a place that holds so many bad memories. Not only does she have to testify at her father’s trial, but also deal with her ex’s will and relatives unhappy that she’s inherited a good chunk of his assets.

Yet Canberra holds more than just memories of an unwanted marriage. It’s where her sister was murdered, and the man responsible was never caught.

Witches are once again being ritualistically sacrificed, and it holds terrible echoes of those past deaths.

As the murders draw closer to home, Lizzie finds herself in a race to hunt down the wraith of a man after the ultimate revenge…the soul of the woman who once escaped him.

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