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now for the good stuff...

I’ve spent the last couple of blogs whining, so it’s time for a chat about the good things.

I had a blast at RWA. Not only did I get to chance to catch up with friends (waves to Rachel and Jenna), but I was able to chat to some of the lovely people I’ve met at previous RT conventions–I just wished I could remember everyone’s names rather than just remembering their faces, but my brain doesn’t seem capable of such of feat. It was also great to catch up with (super agent) Miriam. She took Mel and I out on a scenic tour of Fort Worth and the Star Wars exhibition on Sunday, which was just brilliant. (and it was nice to see more of Dallas than just the hotel and the train line below our hotel window.) I also finally met lots of Bantam people who’d I’d spoken to (or emailed) over the year, but had never met–like Shauna Summers (editor), her assistant Jessica, Shawn O’Gallager (publicity) and Sarah (Random House sales) as well as some fabulous Bantam authors like Kelley Armstrong, Madeline Hunter, Tara Janzen, Shana Abe, Lara Adrian, and Sherry Thomas. It was also lovely to meet the Levy sales people, and the many bookstore owners and representatives that were there.

There were a ton of great workshops, though I didn’t get to many of them (a lot of the ones I wanted to do clashed with publisher commitments). I did get to two on creativity and how to keep writing when the muse leaves–though I can’t tell you the actual names of the workshops, because the program is in my bag, which hasn’t made it back into Australia yet. I also talked to Stoney Creek Media about redoing my website, so expect a new look towards the end of year. The Rita and Golden Heart Awards were fun, simply because everyone dressed up and looked absolutely smashing. Mel didn’t win the two sections she was nominated in, but making the finals makes her (and everyone else who made the finals) a winner in my books anyway. Especially when you consider just how many people enter the Golden Heart. Bronwyn Clarke (another Aussie) did win her section, and we all cheered like mad as she was walking up to the stage looking rather shocked. And we also cheered like mad things when Barbara Hannay (yes, another aussie) won her Rita.

Another plus was the food–conference food tends to be pretty bland, simply because it’s hard to feed that many people, but I thought the food was pretty darn good. The desserts after the awards were smashingly good (says she who sampled far too many things :)). The literacy signing was fun–and even bigger than the RT signing, which I thought was awesome enough. And the Bantam signing went well–though I ran out of books way too soon! Luckily, I’d bought along some bookmarks, so at least I could sign those for people.

All in all, I enjoyed RWA, and look forward to heading back there next year. (and it’s San Fran next year, and I love that city)

And just as an aside, I finally have a title for Riley 6. It’s going to be called The Darkest Kiss. Pretty cool, hey?

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