okay, I've been slack...

and I definitely haven’t been blogging as much as I should. But I have a good excuse–I’ve been writing. :)

Risa continues to roll along nicely, and I’m in the end section now, which means I’m having to tie up the many loose ends and try to get some sort of resolution happening. Not that everything will be neat, because this is a series after all and there’s more books to come. The trouble is, this book does have quite a number of threads running through it, and right now I’m struggling to hold them all. The lack of brain power happening of late isn’t helping, either. lol

anyway, here’s the official update:

Story–Dark Angels
New pages – 3 (tonight)
Time spent writing – 2 hours
Current page count – 335
Intriguing things – Aedh are really–really–nasty little souls.
Annoyances – My wrist. My tendonitis has decided to start playing up again. Have no idea why.
Music – Eco Zen 2
Taking care of Keri – On new diet, continuing to exercise :)
Muse food – watched Phar Lap–an oldie but a goodie. Then decided I needed to buy The Black Stallion and Sea Biscuit, two more brilliant horse movies that aren’t in my collection.

Oh, and don’t forget that while week 1 of the Dames birthday bash is over, there’s still several more days and prizes to go. Head on over there to check it out :)

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