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one lot of edits down...

one lot to go. (well, at least until my editor gets her hands on it, anyway!) I’ve added all those little bits and pieces to Riley 7 that I had to add, and fixed up all the grammar and spelling errors I could find. Now I just have to print the thing out and do a read through–this usually finds a lot of the stuff I missed in the first read through. When that’s done, I can send the book to my editor and get back to writing the next book due. Which is Mercy Burns, the follow-up to Destiny Kills. I have a head start on this one, as I’ve already done 90 pages of it. Yesterday I actually sat down and attempted plotting the thing, but I couldn’t really get into it. I think I’ll need to write a bit more, get to know the characters again, before any attempt at plotting will be successful. Of course, the muse also wants to write the ‘reward’ book and is throwing lots of ideas my way, so I might have to write both for a while, just to prevent muse mutiny. 🙂

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