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Well, RT is as crazy as I expected it to be, and then some. There’s tons of writers, agents, readers, editors & booksellers checking out the workshops, bootcamps, reader programs and publisher spotlights, and the buzz around the hotel is great. I had my first book signing yesterday (which went well–lots of ladies came over to chat, and many of them actually had FMR for me to sign. How cool is that?) My second signing also went well, and I finally met several internet friends, including Cy Korte (who runs Book Isle) and Rachel–who also has Miriam for an agent–and discovered both as cool in person as they are online. And last night I had dinner with Anne, my Bantam editor, and had a great chat with her. I pried out the details of my next cover, and have to say, it sounds fantastic! Today the Aussies at the conference hosted a ‘Tim Tam morning tea’, and a lot of the top fantasy authors came along. I met Charlaine Harris, Laurel K Hamilton and her hubby, L A Banks (who is an absolute blast), Angela Knight and many others (I have photos, so will put them all on my site when I get back.) My next mission is to meet Kim Harrison, so I can thank her for giving me a such great cover quote. And then tonight, I’m having dinner with Anne, Kelly Armstrong and Linea Sinclair. Should be a blast!

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