RT pre-tour pic of the day...

Myself and Julie standing outside a bar whose claim to fame was bug juice…

Today’s tour highlights (other than the bug juice) included a visit to a bookstore (imagine, a group of writers and readers doing that…lol) and a tour of Kelton house (which included high tea). We were supposed to visit the Statehouse and the Topiary gardens but we were late to the Statehouse (thanks to an overly long stay at the bookstore–again, imagine that), and by the time we got to the gardens it was bucketting down rain. So, we retreated to the hotel for dinner, which for me included a choc pie that was so large I could only eat half of it. I would have kept the other half, except for the weird fact that US hotels do not come equipt with fridges unless you preorder and pay through the nose. I mean, really people, you need to update this system STAT! You’d be lynched in OZ if you tried that. lol

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