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Saturday update...

After a lovely lunch with Iris and Chris yesterday, I rolled toward the city to have dinner with Mel, and then we went to the Pink concert. She totally rocked. That woman is amazing–a fantastic voice live, and a brilliant show. She’s in town for months…and months (I think she has something like 16 concerts in Melboune alone), so if you get the chance to see her, do it. It’s simply the best concert I’ve ever seen.

On Friday, Kasey and I checked out Wolverine. Loved it. Okay, it wasn’t a brilliant bit of movie making and yep there were some plot moments that didn’t really make sense, but did I care? Not a damn bit. I went there to watch a fun, exciting movie, and that’s exactly what I got. With the bonus of Hugh naked as well. How could you go wrong? I thought the story of the two brothers was well done, and that it dovetailed nicely back into the first movie. And I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie about Gambit–that dude looked interesting. (I’m not a comic book fan, so I don’t know all the history–which is probably why I enjoyed the movie so much).

Here’s the update–such as it is:

Story–Captured by Vengeance

New pages – 0
Time spent writing – also a big fat 0
Current page count – 110
Intriguing things – chocolate hair. Love the colour, but dithering as to whether it suits.
Annoyances – can’t think of any.
Music – Pink! Live in concert–brilliant stiff
Location – writing wise, no where
Taking care of Keri – Mum and daughter night out–pancake parlour for dinner, then checking out wolverine
Muse food – how good did Hugh look in that movie?

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