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Six Sentence Sunday time...

And it’s another teaser from BURN. There be drakkons in this book…


She hit the ground with an audible thump, the claws at the end of her good wing digging a deep ditch in the soil as she fought to remain upright. Her injured wing dragged behind her, bent, useless, and bloody. Tears welled in my eyes, but I blinked them away. This drakkon was not my drakkon. She didn’t even belong to any of the graces I’d grown up with. She was an unknown, and that made her dangerous. I might be somewhat immune to drakkon fire—long exposure would eventually kill me, but my uniform was fireproof and I could use my own flames as a shield to protect my head when I wasn’t wearing a helmet—but I was as vulnerable to teeth and claws as anyone else.


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