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slow progress....

although I’m writing a little faster now that I’ve finished shooting things in Half-Life 2. I’ve actually finished the entire game (guess what I spent all day Saturday doing?), so I have no choice but to sit down and write.

Although I could load another game. The muse is seriously considering playing Far Cry again. We did like that one 🙂

So I’ve crept my way up to eighty thousand words done, and only have another twenty thousand to go. Eighty more pages will do me, though I suspect this will go slightly longer. There’s lots yet to happen (they haven’t even found Liander yet, so there’s lots of drama still to write.) We learn a bit more of Quinn’s history in this one too–not something I actually intended, but he suddenly became all verbose in the scene I just finished. So, we ended up with a chunk of his past. I love the muse when she does things like that 🙂

Still no word from my editor about the latest Destiny edits, so I have no idea yet whether this round makes the grade or not. I’m afraid you’ll have to keep your fingers crossed a bit longer!

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