So, what's new?

nothing much, I’m afraid. If you follow me on twitter/facebook, you’ll know I’ve started a new book–only it isn’t actually new, it’s a short story that’s decided it needs to be a novel. I’m really enjoying writing this one at the moment, so I’m afraid that Risa 3 has been temporarily sidelined. Not that it matters, as it’s not actually contracted yet, so I have no defined finishing date to worry about. The heroine in the new one is a phoenix, and though I wasn’t intending to have werewolves or vamps as main side characters, they’ve snuck in anyway. Seems I can’t get away from them. lol

I’ve seen the US cover art for Darkness Unbound and Darkness Rising (2nd book) and they’re very different in concept to the UK version. We’ve asked for a couple of minor changes, so I can’t share them just yet. But I’ll be interested to see what you think when I can.

In other news, I’m now fully booked and ready to go for both the Romantic Times conference in LA in April, and the Romance Writers of America conference in NY in July. Can’t wait!

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