some pics....

having been a total slacker when it comes to writing of late (though I have an excuse–I’m getting ready for RT, and fixing various website for friends), I thought I’d put up some pics instead (and a thanks goes to Mel for sending me the lulu pics).

me swanning myself on the Queenscliff ferry, on the way to a very nice lunch. BTW, I don’t normally squint, but I was looking into the sun.

Five Lulus toasting to Mel (the tall one) being a double finalist in RWAmerica’s golden heart. Freya, the 6th lulu, wasn’t able to make it for the meeting that day :(

Me valiantly trying to ignore the large bowl of delicious chocolates while sipping on some champers. Chris in the background, ignoring me and the chocolates. BTW, that bowl was full when we started out…

Robyn swears this face isn’t at the size of my rear end, but you know…

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