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Bantam’s planning a big publicity push for the Riley’s series, and this will include an advertising campaign on the sci-fi channel website. It’ll have essays on each of the books, character profiles, recipes (me being an ex-chef and all) and a podcast. Now, I’ve never done a podcast before, so recording it was a totally new experience for me. Add to that the fact that I am basically the shy type, and generally very uncomfortable talking about myself or my work for any great length of time (at least without being asked direct questions, anyway), and you have one nerve-wracking experience. I’m told I should actually join toast-masters to learn how to speak in front of people, but just the thought of that gives me hives. 🙂

And the event didn’t start off well at all. They were planning to ring at nine my time (five NY time) and as the clock ticked over to ten past nine, I was beginning to wonder what had happened–or that maybe I’d gotten the date wrong. So I checked all my emails and discovered that the actual problem was the fact I’d given them the wrong phone number! You see, a few years ago, the main telephone company in Victoria put a 9 in front of all city numbers, and a 5 in front of all country numbers. Something to do with them running out of numbers in the near future or some crap like that. Anyway, I’ve always been a 9 girl, even when we had 15 acres out the back of Sunbury. But our move to Wallan has shifted us into 5 territory. So, when I gave the number to the podcast people, I unthinkingly gave them both the 9 and the 5 prefix. Naturally enough, they couldn’t get through.

Once that was sorted, the podcast recording could begin. I had to intro myself and Full Moon Rising, then start to ramble on and sound like I knew what I was talking about. Or at least, try to sound interesting. I ended up asking them to prompt me, because I just couldn’t think of enough things to say about the book by myself. As I said, I’d rather answer direct questions than ramble on unaided.

It took about 15 minutes to record. Originally, they were planning to do a podcast about Dangerous Games, but either they ran out of time, or I seriously sucked lemons. Me, I’m betting on the latter 😀 But they can work magic with all the editing tools they have now days, and I have no doubt they’ll end up making me sound more brilliant–and less nervous–than I was. I’ll let you know when the podcast goes up, so that we can all have a listen and a giggle 😉

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