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stealing Mel's idea...

Fellow lulu Mel has a really cool idea for updating where her writing is at, and I’m about to steal it. Mainly because I’m always pushed for time of late and this seems like an easy format to follow. So, thanks Mel!

Progress–Captured by Vengeance

New pages Nine
Time spent writing – six hours, off and on
Current page count – 94
Intriguing things – A hooker turning up when there wasn’t even supposed to be one in the story.
Annoyances – I need chocolate. I can’t have chocolate. Dieting sucks.
Music – The Script
Location – The desk. Word.
Taking care of Keri – Mid-writing break, a cuppa tea in front of the TV, watching Sense and Sensibility.
Muse food – how delish does Alan Rickman look as Col. Brandon? Who’d have thought?

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