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The Darkest Kiss is out...

and lots of people have already read it–and loved it–if the emails I’m getting are any indication. Can’t be sad about that 🙂 Unfortunately, the next book–Deadly Desire–won’t be out until early next year (I haven’t got an official release date yet) so patience will be needed! But many of the questions you’ve been asking me in those emails will actually be answered in the next book.

Kimberly Swan, from Darque Reviews has added a review for Kiss, and I thought I’d share: Ms. Arthur pens a fabulous mystery filled with vampires and shapeshifters whose unique qualities add to the overall suspense. The danger throughout the story plays a big role in the building tension and the heroine’s passion for catching the killers bring each case to a searing climax.  To read the whole review, just click the link and head over to their site.

In other writing news, the Hotter than Hell anthology (out in June) just received a great review from the Romantic Times magazine. Jill M Smith from RT says: With this incredibly talented line-up, readers are in for a wild and varied ride! The 12 stories run the gamut from supernaturally sexy to sad and disturbing, with no shortage of intriguing characters and creative plots. The real challenge facing these authors is delivering a uniquely satisfying tale in such a short space. For the most part, they succeed amazingly well.  Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

I’ve just finished some more (minor) editorial questions for Destiny, and the book is now in the production stage. I really can’t wait to see what you all think of this one, because I really do love Destiny’s story (even if I did hate the thing when I was doing the umpteenth revision on it. lol.) Mercy Burns, the sequel (not with the same characters) is proceeding along nicely, and I’ve finally rolled over 100 pages done. Only just, mind you, but every page counts. The hero in Mercy is proving a little more difficult to pin down, and I’ve deleted I don’t know how many pages simply because he keeps acting all happy and hot, and he’s supposed to be all dark and hot.  I still haven’t pinned down the entire plot on this one yet, either, but I’m hoping that’ll happen once I get a little more into the story.

Mercy Burns progress meter:

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