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are live, and there’s lots of great prizes on offer over the next two weeks. Head on over to our site and check us out  🙂

In other news, well, there’s not a whole lot. Summer has finally decided to hit old Melbourne town (only a month and a bit late) and it’s been meltingly hot.  Luckily for Kasey and I, our area tends to cool down nicely at night (at least so far) so we’ve been able to sleep–unlike other poor souls living in the city areas rather than the country. So, this means the brain has actually been functioning rather than being zapped by the heat, and writing has therefore been done. I wrote nearly 20 pages of the short story and I’m really liking it. But I’ve now had to stop because I need to start editing Riley 8. Which is what I’ve been doing today. I’d like to be able to get most of the edits completed before the weekend so I can ship it off to Miriam and Robyn for a read through (hopefully they’ll catch the mistakes I miss, because every author does miss something.) Then it’ll be sent to my editor and I’ll be starting the next–and last–Riley. Which is kind of sad, but exciting at the same time, because I have a lot of really cool ideas for Risa.

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