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is playing games. No matter how many times I’ve settled down to write Mercy Burns over the last couple of days, I get as far as doing a read through of what is already written and then stopping. It’s not as if I don’t know how the rest of the chapter goes–I do. It’s just the muse doesn’t want to go there. I thought for a while it might have been because I couldn’t pin down the hero’s name, but I decided on Mak over the weekend and that hasn’t helped at all. The words just refuse to transfer from my brain to my keyboard.

So yesterday, in a fit of annoyance, I opened up a blank page and decided to tackle Riley 7 (currently going by the name Deadly Desire). After a few false starts and lots of word erasing, the muse kicked in, and suddenly I had three pages written in less than half an hour. Which doesn’t sound much, but it’s probably more than I’ve written on Mercy in the last week. So, I guess I’ll be working on Riley 7 for a while, even if I haven’t entirely worked out the bad guys for this one yet.

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