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having a large website (or rather, a website with a lot of pages) is the fact that when you decide to update the look, it takes forever to transfer the information over. And it doesn’t help when Frontpage decides to play funny buggers. Yeah, I know, it’s a microsoft product, therefore I shouldn’t expect it to do what I want, but Frontpage has been out for a while now and you’d think they’d have at least sorted some of the bugs out. But no…

For some damn reason, it took a disliking to the excerpt for Chasing the Shadows. Every time I put the excerpt in on the right hand column, the links block on the left hand side moved down to the end of the column. I have no idea why–it didn’t do this on any other page, and most of those excerpts are longer. I couldn’t see any problem in the coding, but just in case there was a gremlin I couldn’t see, I saved it as a text file then pasted it in. No difference. The links box still travelled down. Very frustrating. I thought maybe I’d stuffed the template somehow, but when I did the excerpt for Kiss the Night Goodbye, it behaved itself. For some odd reason, it’s just Chasing that’s the problem. After spending three hours on the flaming thing, I have officially given up. The excerpt for Chasing is now rather short. Sorry about that, but blame stupid Frontpage.

I’ve still got lots of pages to transfer over, so the site isn’t going to be up any time soon. But it does look great so far 🙂

Writing wise, I’ve done exactly zip. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back on track.

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