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weekend update...

well, I did finally hit my target, although it took me most of the weekend to get there. I’m now officially sitting at 300 pages done, and on the downhill run to the finish. Ideally, I’d like to get the rest of the book finished within the next two weeks, as that will not only give me time to edit it properly, but it’ll give my beta readers time to read it.  Hopefully, the ruddy thing will all make sense, because I’m still not entirely sure it’s working. Here’s the official update:

Story–Captured by Vengeance

New pages – 10
Time spent writing – wrote in fits and starts over the weekend
Current page count – 300
Intriguing things – an escape from a dangerous situation. A plan of revenge underway
Annoyances – the goddamn dog farting constantly! My study is too small for such a smelly barrage!
Music – Dralion & Varekai
Location – The desk.
Taking care of Keri – did a whole heap of gardening over the weekend. Oh, and built a bookcase 🙂
Muse food – pancakes, strawberries, cranberries and lashings of cream. Yum. (Okay, it’s more warm-my-belly food than muse food, but that’s beside the point  🙂  )

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