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Yum Cha was delish, Freya enjoyed her prezzies, and a fun time was had overall. I went home determined to sit at the computer and write, but the muse and I had a fully belly, and I’m afraid I dragged my heels a good part of yesterday afternoon. Actually, I was cruising the net looking for nice places to go for a holiday–it seems to be a recurring theme of late. Maybe the muse is trying to tell me something. Like, give me a friggin’ break! lol.

Anyway, it was late afternoon before the muse got serious, but I think I rewrote the beginning of the last scene a half-dozen times before I found one I was reasonably happy with. Even then, the writing was stop-start. There were some moments where everything flowed, and I loved what was hitting the page, and then there were other bits where I thought, nope, that’s not right, and I hit the delete and rewrote the words more than a few times. And of course, I had to stop and watch Australian Idol in the middle of it all. (and as Mel said, the judges had to be on drugs last night, because they were raving about people I thought were either just okay, or absolutely sucked.)

Anyway, the upshot of it all is that I finally managed to finish Riley 6–YAAAAAAYYYYY!

Now I can let it sit and brew for a couple of weeks before I go back and edit. Then we’ll see just how big a pile of do-do it really is. Lol.

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