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the resolution to blog more often slipped almost before it had even gotten underway. I think that has to be a record. Go me. lol. But between Christmas shopping, trying to get the garden into a viewable state before the mob (aka family) land here for Christmas, fitting in writing, and all the other assorted sundry stuff that happens around this time of year, I’ve really been left scratching for time to do anything else. Like blog. To be honest, even the writing has suffered over the last few days.

And just when I think everything is finally under control, the line edits for Moon Sworn come in. And of course, they need to be back on my editors desk by early Jan. Which means I have just over a week to do them, because I am not working Christmas day, boxing day or New Years! Living where I do also means I have to allow at least five days for delivery, just to cater for unexpected delays (FedEx are usually pretty good, but still…)

Once the Moon Sworn edits are done, I’ll have to swing onto the Mercy edits, which are due mid Jan. So the book I was hoping to finish by December probably won’t be finished now until mid-feb. WHich is still ahead of deadline, but I was hoping to allow myself a bit more breathing space to work on another (un-contracted) project. The muse has the itch to play, but no damn time!

The muse’s simmering frustration wasn’t helped when I accidently erased the file for the free online read, either. I have older back-ups, but I’d already done over five chapters of rather hefty editing on it, and to say I wasn’t amused would be the understatement of the year. Microsoft Word copped a lot of abuse that day, let me tell you. lol. So, chapter 2 is coming, but probably not until early next week now. I have done one edit run through the second chapter, but I need to do another.

Hopefully, I’ll post again on Monday (but don’t hold your breath waiting. lol)

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