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the trip to dallas started off well–we got to the airport on time. But things went rapidly downhill from there.

For a start, Melbourne was fog bound. Wallan wasn’t, but the rest of Melbourne was in a pea souper. Which meant, of course, that no planes were getting in or out of the airport. So we got our tickets, and waited. And waited. Three and a half hours after the plane was supposed to leave, we finally left. But of course, that meant we missed all our connecting flights. The worst was in LA. Air NZ apparently decided they couldn’t be bothered dealing with customers who needed flights re-booked and went home before we’d cleared customs–leaving us to wander around, getting wrong directions and generally trying to figure out if anyone in LA airport actually knew what they were talking about. We ended up getting into Dallas around midnight on Tues, and then had trouble finding a taxi driver who’d heard of the place we were staying at (not the sort of news that you need to hear at that hour–we were having visions of having to come here to the Hyatt and parking on their couches for the night). We finally found an airport bus guy who knew it and arrived at the hotel at the grand hour of two in the morning. (I would have taken a pic of the two of us, but it would have been far too scary)

So, we’re here at the conference and it’s huge (I keep getting told it’s one of the smaller ones, but compared to the Aussie conference, this is massive.) The literacy signing has just been completed, and that was awesome–bigger even than RT, and I thought that was huge. I’ve met up with Rachel (Vincent)and Jenna (Black) and we’re doing the cocktail thing soon. (I so need a drink)

Tomorrow the conference starts for real, so hopefully I’ll have some goss then 🙂

(hey, peanut–aka Vicki Pettersson–we’re missing you!)

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