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I did something I very rarely ever do yesterday. I sat down and plotted out a book. I fully expected the sky to fall down and the seas to dry up, because this is something that just never happens. Not for me, anyway.

But it just felt like Riley 7 was floundering. I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted the story to proceed, and I figured that maybe this was the reason the muse was so flightly. I mean, I know what needs to happen in this book to set up the next one (book 7 and book 8 are very much connected.) I know who the bad guys are, I know who they murder and why. But it was just the detail bits I couldn’t get my head around. Getting Riley from one scene to another was hard, and rambling was becoming a real danger.

So, I decided to plot. Now, my version of plotting (on the very few occasions I actually have sat down to attempt a plot) tends to be a vague outline that’s rarely more than a page long. They’re bullets points with the occasional explanation. Not so this one. This was the full blown, five pages long (single spaced no less), scene by scene outline. I didn’t know I had it in me. I mean, I’m a pantzer tried and true, and I love it that way. I love the adventure of writing to uncover what happens next. Still, the muse feels better for having a direction, and I hope this now means the writing will proceed faster. Ideally, I’d love to get both this book and Mercy Kills finished and edited by my next hand in date of May, simply because that means I’m going to be one book up on my contracts. Maybe, just maybe, I can then devote some time to side projects–like the new series the muse got excited about the other day 🙂

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