Writing update...

So, what’s been happening in my writing world? Not a lot, to be honest. Those who’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook already know that I’m alternating between writing Risa 2 and the ‘secret project’. ALthough the secret project isn’t so secret, because I was actually blogging about it last year. However, I’ve revamped the whole thing and totally changed the setting and direction, and I’m much, much happier with it. So, the current plan is to write Risa during the weekdays, and the secret project on the weekend and those weeknights I feel like writing. (in other words, when there’s totally zip on TV and I can’t be fagged putting a dvd or blueray on).

Other than that, I’m making like a bear and hybernating in my warm little cave (other than gym times). Man it is cold here in the hills!

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