Yay me!

I’ve finished the edits! And a day earlier than planned, too :) Over all deleted page count is 68, but the added page count was 73, so we’re a few pages up on the original page numbers. All good :) I think Kissing Sin reads a whole lot tighter now. It definitely has more action in it (though it wasn’t exactly lacking beforehand, trust me ;) Anyway, I’ll let both books sit over the weekend, then do a final read-thru over Monday and Tuesday and see if there’s anything else I pick up. Then both books are back to my editor and I can finally start working on my Loch Ness book.


In other news, I’m off to Queensland tomorrow for a combined book signing and RWAustrala committee meeting. If anyone happens to be in Brissie tomorrow between 11 and 3, pop on over to Rosemary’s Romance books for a chat! I’ll be there with chokkies and pens in hand :)

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