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a belated hello to 2014...

okay, so I continue to be slack about blogging, but I do have a really good reason–edits. Tons of them. Seriously. In the last three months I’ve edited four books, all while trying to get the contracted book written, as well as a separate project that just won’t leave me the hell alone. I’ve been pulling long hours writing/editing–up to ten or more hours a day–over the last month or so, and really haven’t had much time to do anything else. I even dropped the gym off–and anyone who knows how addicted to that I am will understand how big a step that was!

The good news is that the major part of the editing is over. Okay, I still have the copy edits and the galleys on all 4 books coming at me, and a book that’s due by the end of Feb that’s only half done, but after that, I should be clear–and able to update this site more often!

So, just to keep you up to date on the books I have coming out this year, here’s the current list:

Jan 28 ~ Circle of Fire (mass market re-release)
Feb 25 ~ Circle of Death (mass market re-release)
April 1 ~ Circle of Desire (mass market re-release)
July 1 ~ Fireborn (new series!)
Sept 14 ~ Memory Zero (mass market re-release)
Oct 14 ~ Generation 18 (mass market re-release)
Nov 4 ~ Penumbra (mass market re-release)
Dec 2 ~ Darkness Falls (the last Dark Angels novel!)

there should be–if I get the chance to write it– the second Harri Phillecky book squeezed in there somewhere.

Until the next update, take care!

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