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a busy weekend equals no writing...

Pete turned fifty last week, and we had a big party to celebrate on Saturday. We did try to get someone in to cater for it, but no one seemed interested in doing anything if the numbers were under 40 (mind you, we had 35 there, so we weren’t that far under. And I know the costs of catering–they would have still made money on 35. People are weird). Anyway, it meant that I had to do all the catering myself, and I was basically running around like a blue-arsed fly all day (and half the night.)  At one stage, I even had to climb into the white chef coat. It was the only way  to protect my arms from the heat when I was carving the meat from the spit–and I can tell you, it bought back all sorts of horrors. I remember now why I gave up the job–sore feet, aching back, heat. All those little things that make cheffing such fun. But the party went off well, the food was great (even if I have to say so myself) and everyone seemed to have had a good time.

But of course, by the time Sunday rolled around, I was buggered, so I really did nothing more than lay on the couch watching TV and waiting for my feet to stop aching. Which meant the plans to finish Quinn’s story didn’t eventuate that particular day–but I did get ten pages done on it today, and have actually finished the thing. Finally! And, as usual, the muse didn’t do what I thought it would do, and it actually gave Quinn a new power. One that fits in with his Aedh ancestry–and I can tell you, it’s pretty damn scary. I alluded  to it in Tempting Evil, but I really didn’t go into details then, and certainly didn’t mention it in following books. Though I did mention other Aedh gifts in Dangerous Games. But the muse had this little gem tucked away in some dark corner of my mind, and bought it out to play in the last ten pages. It certainly scared the shit out of Riley.  🙂  So why, if this story is set between book 3 and book 4,  doesn’t she remember it in later books? Well, remember this is Quinn we’re talking about, and he’s not above taking certain liberties. And that’s about all I can say without spoiling the story.

I’ll let it sit for a few days now, then go back and do a read through/edit. Then I’ll choof it off to Miriam to see what she thinks. Fingers crossed that she likes it (and finds no major problems) because that’ll mean one more thing I can cross off my to-do list.

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