the goodness continues...

I’ve now officially rolled over the 25000 words mark with Riley 7, which means I’m over a quarter of the way through the book. I’ve written over 35 pages in five days, and the muse seems to be having a jolly old time. I think its amused by the fact it no longer has to worry about where the scene is going, and what comes next; it just has to write.

Of course, that doesn’t mean changes haven’t happened. There was one scene in the plot that called for a fist fight between Kye and Riley, but when I came to it, it didn’t actually fit the situation. So, it became a sort-of hackles raised stand-off, with a threat or two thrown in towards the end. It works much better. I’ve just finished a dinner scene with Quinn and Riley, where we learn a little bit more about everyone’s favourite vampire, but that’ll probably be it for a couple of days. Pete turned fifty this week, so we’re having a big old party to celebrate (or commiserate :)  ) on Saturday. So, lots of running around and cooking to be done by me.

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