a good man dies...

Steve Irwan was an over-the-top, often cringe-worthy personality who was so totally passionate about his family and wildlife. He was also a man who put his money where his mouth is, and that seems to be a rare breed of man in these ‘do what I can for me’ days. He was larger than life and had always seemed invincible, but even Steve knew his time would come. In his last Aussie interview, he said he intended to die fighting for conservation and wildlife. Yesterday, while making a documentary up in Queensland, that’s what happened. Steve Irwan died, killed by a stingray barb to the heart.

I was never a fan of his TV shows, not a fan of his often over the top behaviour. But I was a total fan of what he stood for, and what he was trying to do. Conservation and wildlife has lost its greatest warrior, and the world is poorer for his death.

Rest in peace, Steve.

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