lunch was good...

went out to lunch with the Melbourne Mob (a bunch of fantastic Melbourne authors) yesterday, and a good time was had. Normally I would have written in the morning before I left, but we had a house inspection in the AM, it was raining, and the fuzzy puppy took great delight in running around in all that lovely mud then tracking it back through the house. Needless to say, lots of cleaning was done. Then we went for a walk. In the rain. I got soaked, and so did the dogs (only they loved it). And when we got back, we discovered it was all for naught, because the woman coming to inspect the house got called into work and wasn’t able to make it. Oh, the joys of house selling. Anyway, I’m hoping to get my five pages done reasonably early today, because I need to buckle down and read the Tempting Evil galley. It’s due on Monday, so I’m running out of time here!

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